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We often seek therapy when we have already exhausted all of our options. We may already feel helpless, hopeless, or flat-out stuck. Not only do we feel like we aren’t living the life we desire, but we may have forgotten what that life looks like. Therapy can be the tool that breaks through the barriers holding us back from who we want to be. It can help us acknowledge and process personal struggles, resulting in real-life change.

I work with clients to identify obstacles preventing the life they aspire to and offer solutions for these struggles. To learn about the counseling services I provide, I invite you to explore the types of counseling I offer below:


Individual Counseling

I believe that individuals have the abilities needed to create positive and healthy lives for themselves. I also believe that healing comes through engagement in healthy relationships. By offering a safe and supportive environment, I assist clients in experiencing personal and relational healing as they begin to create the life they desire.

Help with anxiety, depression, grief and other areas of concern.

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Couples Counseling

It is often in our closest relationships that we face our greatest challenges. I offer a supportive and respectful environment to assist you and your partner in addressing issues that often arise when we share our lives with another. In seeking to strengthen your relationship, Couple’s Counseling can offer an opportunity to address many concerns.

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Premarital Counseling

With all of the time and energy placed on preparing for a wedding, it is important for couples to set aside time to savor their engagement; this time provides opportunities for couples to strengthen their relationship as they move toward a life-long journey together. Premarital counseling can assist couples in utilizing their engagement to address common difficulties faced when blending two lives together.

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