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Couple’s Counseling

It is often in our closest relationships that we face our greatest challenges. I offer a supportive and respectful environment to assist you and your partner in addressing issues that often arise when we share our lives with another. In seeking to strengthen your relationship, Couple’s Counseling can offer an opportunity to address the following:

Common Concerns:

– Communication Difficulties
– Conflict Resolution
– Sexual Intimacy
– Parenting
– Finances
– In-Law Relationships
– Roles/Responsibilities
– Time-Management

Healing from Hurts:

– Infidelity or Betrayal
– Past Trauma or Abuse
– Infertility or loss of child
– Divorce or Separation

Major Life Transitions:

– Newly Married or Cohabitation
– Remarriage or Blended Family
– Birth of a Child
– Adoption
– Loss or Grief
– Career or Location Change
– Empty Nesting