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Individual Counseling…

I believe that individuals have the abilities needed to create positive and healthy lives for themselves. I also believe that healing comes through engagement in healthy relationships. By offering a safe and supportive environment, I assist clients in experiencing personal and relational healing as they begin to create the life they desire. Individual Counseling may be helpful in addressing the following:

Common Concerns:

– Anxiety
– Depression
– Grief or Loss
– Anger Management
– Personal Growth & Life Balance
– Dating/Relationship Issues

Seeking Empowerment:

– Managing/Making Life Transitions
– Recovering from Divorce/Separation
– Healing from Trauma or Abuse
– Career Change or Professional Development
– Physical Health & Wellness

Relational Difficulties:

– Forgiveness of Self and Others
– Making/Maintaining Boundaries
– Trust/Mistrust
– Sexual Expression/Intimacy
– Single Parenting

Personal Struggles:

– Self-Harm
– Low Self-Esteem
– Body-Image
– Spirituality